(CLCA), is a non-profit property owner's and resident's organization dedicated to preserving and conserving our natural lakes heritage, and thereby also preserving our homeowners' future as well.



Lake Facts

Comprised of Big Chapman Lake on the north and Little Chapman Lake on the south, connected by a dual-lane channel.  These spring-fed lakes have no incoming major streams, but, there are five major drains serving the 4,500 acres of Chapman Lakes watershed, about seven square miles. 

Together the two lakes comprise 638 acres with Big Chapman, large enough for skiing and power boating, about three times the size of Little Chapman Lake.

  • Big Chapman Lake has 48,241 feet of shoreline; Little Chapman Lake has 27,374 feet of shoreline (including wetlands areas).
  • More than 260 acres of wetlands, primarily on the west side of Little Chapman are vital to maintaining the water quality of the lakes.
  • Lake level is maintained at a fixed elevation (by court decree) with a dam and levee system at the south end of Little Chapman.

Mission / Vision

Our Mission

We promote the conservation of Chapman Lakes and its watershed with a focus on the betterment of the lakes and community.

Our Vision

We envision a community that actively cares for our watershed and a healthy, clean lake for living, playing, working, and building family legacies.